Question: What activity is used to get a column value from a specific row of a DataTable?

  •   Get row item
  •   remove data row
  •   read cell
  •   write cell


Option A is correct.

You would use Get Row Item typically within a For Each Row for DataTables. This is an activity where it focuses on a single row’s item. By this definition, each item within the row is technically a column. The activity treats it this way as there are three ways you can specify the column.

ColumnIndex - This is the index or place of where the column is located within the row.

ColumnName - The exact name of the column with in the row.

Column - This will return an object cotaining the value of the column

If one of the fields is used, the other two are ignored.

Answer B is incorrect because we need to read the column, not delete a row. We hope this was obvious before this explanation.

Answer C and D deal with the cell value of a spreadsheet. While a cell contains the row and column information, we were specifically looking for the column in the row of a DataTable.

For more information on Get Row Item, please see this link.