Which needs to be checked to include column name?

Question: When reading a CSV file with the Read CSV activity, which property needs to be checked in order to include the column names in UiPath Studio 2020.8?

  •   Has Headers
  •   Delimiter
  •   IncludeColumnNames
  •   PreserveFormat


Option A is correct.

This answer is somewhat self-explanatory. If your CSV file includes a set of headers, make sure you click the Has Headers option, otherwise the header info might get processed as data during the automation.

Has Headers is the check box you would select in the properties panel, or sometimes on the activity itself, to inform UiPath Studio about the headers.

A delimiter is the term used to refer to a character that separates columns or rows. CSVs are ‘comma separated files’, although a delimiter can be any valid character. The use of a tab as a delimiter is very common.

IncludeColumnName sounds correct, but it’s not correct. That’s just a made up option. It doesn’t exist in UiPath Studio.

The PreserveFormat property instructs UiPath Studio to keep all the fonts and formatting in the CSV unchanged.

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