UiPath Job Status Deletion

Question: Which job status(es) will prevent the deletion of an associated robot?

  •   Running and Pending
  •   Faulted and Pending
  •   Suspended and Stopped
  •   Running Only


If the UiPath job status is running or pending, the associated UiPath Robot cannot be deleted from UiPath Orchestrator. So option A is correct.

UiPath Job Status List

These are the possible UiPath Orhcestrator job statuses for robots:

  • Pending
  • Running
  • Successful
  • Faulted
  • Stopping
  • Terminating
  • Suspended
  • Resumed
  • Stopped
Delete UiPath Job Robot
Ensure the UiPath Orchestrator job status is not running or pending if you wish to delete the associated robot.

RPA Robot States

What do these UiPath robot job statuses mean? This table provides a bit more detail:

Job Status UiPath Orchestrator Job Status Detail
Pending Job is queued on the same Robot or it is trying to establish a connection with the Robot. Note that only different jobs on the same Robot can be queued.
Running The UiPath robot has started executing the designated process.
Successful The UiPath robot has finished running or has been stopped manually
Faulted The UiPath job failed to start or threw an unhandled error during execution
Stopping This job status is triggered by clicking the Stop button.
Terminating Ths UiPath Orchestrator job status is triggered when the RPA admin clicks the Kill button in Uipath Orchestrator
Suspended This job status is triggered to allow user intervention or completion of an intermediate automation process
Resumed Triggered when the UiPath job transitions from a suspended state after user task completion or completion of an intermediate process
Stopped A job is in this state if it stopped by using the Kill button, or by canceling it from the system tray before it finished executing and no errors were throws

UiPath Job Deletion

If your goal is to terminate or delete an RPA job in UiPath Orchestrator, you will require administrative access and may have to look at killing any rogue jobs or UiPath processes that are running.

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For more information on Orchestrator job states, check out the documentation