UiPath Arguments and Variables

Question: A field that describes a name must be passed outside of a given project. What should it be named?

  •   out_name
  •   pass_name
  •   name
  •   getName

How to name UiPath arguments

The correct answer is out_name, as it complies with the UiPath argument naming Regex defined as:

  • InRegex: ^in_(dt_)?([A-Z] [a-z])+([0-9])*$
  • OutRegex: ^out_(dt_)?([A-Z] [a-z])+([0-9])*$
  • InOutRegex: ^io_(dt_)?([A-Z] [a-z])+([0-9])*$.

Find our more about UiPath Agrument naming conventions and UiPath Variable Naming conventions.

You can also reference the docmentation.

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