UiPath Compare Files tool

Question: What is the name of the tool provided by UiPath Studio to compare file versions stored in a Git or GitHub repo?

  •   Workflow Diff
  •   Diff Compare
  •   Workflow Compare
  •   Compare Files


Options d is correct.

Don’t confuse UiPath Workflow Diff with Studio’s Compare Files feature.

UiPath Compare Files and Worflow Diff

The UiPath Compare Files window allows you to compare the content of different .xaml files or project.json files. It is not used to compare versions of the same file.

I’m not sure how deep the UiPath Associate Exam gets into Compare Files and Workflow Diff, but it is definitely fair game for the UiPath Developer Certification Exam. This question is marked with a difficulty of 8 to reflect that.

The UiPath Studio Compare Files pany is used to compare differences between package.json or .xaml files, be it a library or process processes or libraries, assuming the items being compared have comparable workflows.

UiPath Compare Files Tool.

There’s more data about Studio’s Compare Files tool in the UiPath docs