UiPath Argument Naming Conventions

Question: You must pass exam data as an argument, but the data will be used both inside and oustide of the current workflow project. What should the variable be named?

  •   inOutExam
  •   in_out_exam
  •   io-Exam
  •   io_Exam

UiPath Arguments Answer

IO, IO, it’s off to work we go.

The correct answer to this UiPath argument naming convention question is io_Exam.

The UiPath Studio analyser uses the following RegEx to validate an argument that will be used both inside and outside of a workflow or sequence project.

  • In and Out Argument Regex: ^io_(dt_)?([A-Z] [a-z])+([0-9])*$.

How to name UiPath Arguments

Make sure you know the UiPath naming conventions, or else you’ll lose easy marks on the Associate exam.

Find our more about UiPath Agrument naming conventions and UiPath Variable Naming conventions.

You can also reference the docmentation.

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