UiPath Floating Robots

Question: A robot that is tied to a specific machine and not allowed to run on any machines other than the one it is tied to in UiPath Orchestrator is known as:

  •   An unattended robot
  •   A standard robot
  •   A sticky robot
  •   A floating robot


Option b is correct, as this questions is pretty much the definition of a standard robot.

Floating Robots and UiPath Standard Bots

This question has an 8 difficulty and might be outside the scope of the UiPath Associate Exam. It might come up as an incorrect option though, so know the basic definition of it so you are not confused if you see it appear on the exam.

This covers exam objection 1.2, how to identify and describe attended vs. unattended UiPath robots

More data on standard vs floating UiPath robots is on the documentation site.