UiPath Enterprise Server Certification Questions

Question: The UiPath Enterprise Server:

  •   Is accessed through the cloud
  •   Is installed on a computer by the client
  •   Is not compatible with UiPath Studio Community Edition
  •   Is not compatible with UiPath Studio Enterprisetrial editions


Options b and d are correct.

UiPath Enterprise Studio

UiPath Enterprise Server is an on-prem installation. So someone physically takes the DVD’s containing the software and installs that software on standalone machines. It’s not a cloud based SaaS solution. It’s the UiPath Enterprise Cloud that’s offered as a Saas solution.

UiPath Studio Community Edition can only connect to the Community Cloud Orchestrator. It can’t connect to the Enterprise Server, which makes option c incorrect.

Enterprise trial editions can connect to the UiPath Enterprise Server without a problem. In fact, all pieces of the installation, that is robots, Studio and Orchestrator itself are all initially configured with a 60 day licence if a purchased license is not provided.

This is part of the UiPath Associate Exam objective 1.4, differentiate between the UiPath Studio Community Edition versus the Enterprise Edition.