UiPath Orchestrator & Studio Community Edition

Question: Which of the following is true about programs written in UiPath Stuido Community Edition?

  •   They cannot use libraries created by UiPath Stuido Enterprise Edition
  •   Programs created in UiPath Stuido Community Edition expire if the 60 day trial is not extended
  •   Programs created in UiPath Studio Community Edition cannot pass arguments between projects
  •   Programs creating in UiPath Studio Community Edition are no different than programs created in the Enterprise Edition


Option d is correct.

UiPath Studio Community IDE

UiPath wants you to realize that the programs created in the Community Edition of UiPath are no different from the ones created in the Enterprise Edition.

I have no proof, but I believe the two tools come from exactly the same code base. It would be way too much effort for UiPath to have two separate development streams working on two different development tools. The only major difference is the license and maybe some features. But the programs created in CE are 100% valid, just like any program created in the Enterprise Edition.

UiPath wants Associates to know that if they upgrade to Enterprise they don’t have to re-write all the things they created in the community edition.

On the exam, answers that intimate that the Community Edition and Enterprise Edition of UiPath Studio are more similar than they are different will most likely be correct.

This is from the UiPath Associate Exam Objective 1.4 Differentiate between the UiPath Studio Community Edition versus the Enterprise Edition.