UiPath Hello World Tutorial

I quickly wanted to talk to you a little bit about UiPath Studio Community Edition and specifically how to get started with a simple UiPath hello world with UiPath Community Edition installed.

The first thing you want to do is create a new UiPath process.

Introduction to UiPath Studio Processes

Click on this process option under new project and create the hello world project. It’s a new blank process go under ‘users documents UiPath.’ That sounds good for now.

You’ll see that the process editor opens up. I’m going to maximize this screen and one of the things you’ll want to do is go over to the project tab here in the left hand side and double click on main.xaml.

UiPath Studio Activities Example

With that selected you’ve got this option to drop an activity here and you can see there’s tabs for activities or snippets or an activities project. I’m going to go into activities and there’s a whole bunch of different system activities that you can add on here. I’m just going to add on a ‘message box’ because I just want to print out hello world in UiPath.

In the message box you just put in quotes whatever text string you want to say. “Hello World” is what I’m going to print in UiPath Studio. Note that I use Uipath Studio, but you can do this exact same exercise in both UiPath Studio and StudioX.

I click ctrl+s to save, although you could also just do the ‘save all’ Then finally when you’re ready all you have to do is click on ‘run,’ that’s under that ‘debug file’ dropdown there.

You’ll see ‘run.’ You can also do control f5 but that doesn’t really come up too well on a UiPath screencast tutorial.

Git flow init branches
UiPath Hello World example tutorial.

Run the UiPath Hello World App

I’m going to click run, and when I click run all of a sudden this little UiPath ‘Hello World’ message comes up.

There you go that’s your very first UiPath Studio ‘Hello World’ process completed.

UiPath Studio Introduction Complete

That UiPath Studio tutorial example shows you how easy it is to do the basic hello world in UiPath Studio.

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