Match the activity to the command.

  switch to the root user       gradle build   
  copy a GitHub directory       docker volume rm hello   
  compile and package a Java project       docker-compose build   
  list all docker images        docker-compose up -d   
  run a docker ubuntu image        docker run -p 8099:8080 -t rps   
  list all running containers        sudo -i   
  list all containers        docker ps -a   
  remove a docker container        docker run -v hello:/world -it ubuntu /bin/bash   
  run a command in a running container        cat thefile.txt   
  create a custom image based on a container        gedit Dockerfile   
  creat and edit a Dockerfile        docker run ubuntu   
  Build a docker image        git clone   
  Run a Java JAR file        docker images   
  Create a docker volume         docker exec   
  Build an application with docker compose        echo "abc-123" > test.txt   
  run an application built with docker-compose        docker volume create myvolume   
  map external port 8099 to internal port 8080        docker build -t dev-image:v1.0 .   
  Map the internal folder world to host folder hello        docker commit *id* my-image:v1.1   
  View content of a file named thefile.txt        java -cp myjar.jar com.mcnz.DesktopGame   
  Remove a docker volume        docker rm --containerid--   
  Create a file named named test.txt containing abc-123        docker ps