How to get UiPath Certified

How to pass UiPath Certification exams.
Follow my UiPath Certification tips and you'll pass the Associate exam with flying colors.

How I passed the UiPath Certification Exam with 84%

Written by RPA Certified Associate Developer Karan Adapala

The UiPath RPA Developer Associate Exam is a tricky one.

The certification requires a 70% passing mark to pass. The 50 or so multiple-choice questions are challenging. In short, it is not a straight-forward test to take.

But for those who want to pass the UiPath Associate exam, with a strong score the first time around, I have some insights. My advice, as a relatively new RPA developer who passed with 84%, is to follow these five tips:

  1. Perpetually take UiPath practice tests and mock exams
  2. Take full advantage of UiPath Academy training and online resources
  3. Get practical, hands-on knowledge
  4. Dig deeper into the tooling
  5. Don’t over-study

Take practice UiPath Certification tests

It’s never too early to take a practice test.

Before you even dive into the theory, take a mock UiPath practice exam or two first.

Get intimidated.

Fail the test.

Get exposed to all the scary terms and unknown concepts you’ll need to become an expert on.

UiPath Practice Tests Perhaps it’s unconventional advice. But you’ll thank me for it when you pass the UiPath exam and download your UiPath Certification Logo.

When you study, the terms that seemed foreign to you when you failed those practice tests will jump off the page at you. The concepts will get stuck in your head. When you take the same test again, it won’t be intimidating anymore. And as you begin to pass the same practice tests that you may have failed a week before, you are proving to yourself that you’re learning what you need to know to pass the exam.

Don’t be demotivated with a poor score, especially in the beginning. The entire purpose of a first practice test is to point out your weaknesses and guide your study.

Leverage UiPath Academy and the online RPA documentation

Practice UiPath certification tests will quickly reveal the areas of study in which you need to invest the most time. For me, it was Debugging UiPath Studio and UI Selectors.

The free, online UiPath Academy courses provide great depth and coverage of UiPath exam test topics. Very few companies have such a well organized and in depth free online catalog of courses. Every aspiring UiPath Associate needs to take advantage of them.

UiPath Academy

I highly recommend UiPath’s RPA Starter Course and the RPA Developer Track.

I went through the pertinent UiPath Academy course material multiple times until I could pass all of the final assessments that the lessons use to evaluate your knowledge.

To get the most out of UiPath Academy, take notes on the topics that are unclear. Maybe even write down your understanding of how a concept works. If you’re unclear about UI Selectors or Anchor Tags, try to describe the concept as though you were trying to teach it to another UiPath developer. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you learn when you try to explain things to others.

It’s also worthwhile complimenting your learning with UiPath YouTube videos and other third-party RPA tutorials as well.

Get practical experience with UiPath Tools

Theoretical knowledge is one thing, but practical, hands on knowledge is another.

A UiPath developer can spend a great deal of time reading and learning RPA concepts, but the best way to learn is to work through problems, troubleshoot errors when they arise and attempt to answer your own questions about UiPath Studio or UiPath Orchestrator when concepts become unclear.

If you want to learn to play the drums, you might want to watch a YouTube video or two on how to get started. But if you never pick up a set of drumsticks, you’ll never become John Bonham or Neil Peart. UiPath Studio, UiPath Orchestrator and UiPath Assistant are the drumsticks you need to get hands on experience with to rythmically pass the UiPath Certification exam.

One can learn far more by implementing a task than by simply reading about it.

I am not saying that the theory is not important. It is. But investing a great deal of time delving into theory only makes sense when you know what is going around.

What’s better than theorizing UiPath and RPA concepts?

Do a research project that automates Excel and PDF activities. Hands-on time with the tooling is how I mastered most of the RPA concepts I needed to know in order to pass the UiPath Certification exam. It’s the only way to really learn how UiPath works.

Learn UiPath Associate Exam concepts online
There are many, great online tutorials the help you learn UiPath Certification concepts. This tutorial is from

UiPath dumps and shared experiences

This RPA Certified website helped me a great deal with passing the exam as well.

UiPath Academy With their study guides, resources and different types of mock exam questions you get a good chance to analyze your RPA knowledge and UiPath know-how.

The important factor that I would suggest this website to other candidates is that the Certification Exam has many poorly worded questions that verge on being ambiguous. (I mean the questions are worse. Going through some tricky questions beforehand will save you from losing marks in the exam, as you’ll be ready when a poorly worded question arises. Overlooking this might cost you the $150 exam fee. Trust me you don not want your sensible thinking to make you lose marks.

Dig deeper into UiPath

Sometimes it makes sense to learn more than you need to know in order to pass the exam.

The UiPath Associate exam does not cover the REFramework.

However, learning this framework and implementing a projects using its linear approach to UiPath automation, and then evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of such an approach, gave me a great deal of confidence and knowledge. By learning UiPath’s REFramework, I was forced to learn RPA best practices concerning workflows, variable naming conventions, inter-process communication and how passing arguments work 0between different sequences and independently deployed projects.

Don’t overstudy

It’s always difficult to gauge when it’s the right time to take the exam.

My suggestion is to take the exam sooner rather than later.

Most people over-study.

Just assume you are going to fail the first time. Use the first attempt as a $150 learning experience. Accept that you’ll be nervous, that you’ll find the wording confusing and there will be questions that completely catch you off guard. Consider this first attempt as a research project where you are gathering information on where you need to focus future study. It also takes the pressure off a bit if you don’t feel like everything is riding on this one exam.

When are you UiPath ready?

UiPath Practice Tests

Most people that take this approach actually pass the first time. Not with a great score, but they pass, or at least come very close.

If you pass on this slightly premature attempt, that’s awesome. But if you don’t, you get feedback on where your skills are weak, and you know where to focus your study. When you attempt the UiPath Certification exam the next time, you’ll pass with flying colors.

When I write, I did feel like I had practical knowledge I needed, and a strong understanding about how UiPath and its tools work, which gave me a great deal of confidence. I was nervous, but I also felt as though it was the right time to evaluate myself and put my knowledge to the test. Were there areas that I felt I may have missed out on or or wasn’t comfortable with? Of course. But I also knew I had studied hard and done my due diligence.

By the time I scheduled the UiPath Associate exam, I was pretty much comfortable with most of the concepts and felt I would be comfortable with the test-taking time constraint.

You’ll pass your UiPath certification

As you approach your exam date, I suggest Googling for any possible free UiPath practice tests to do a last-minute test of your knowledge. If you are consistently scoring greater than 80% in online practice tests, you’re definitely ready to schedule the UiPath exam.

When I wrote the exam, I passed. I garnered a score of 84%.

And if you follow these UiPath Certification exam taking tips, you’ll pass with flying colors as well. I have confidence in you.

RPA Certified Associate Karan Adapala Raghu Karan Adapala is a UiPath Certified, Full-stack RPA Developer at Xennial Consulting in Toronto, Canada.