UiPath Associate and Developer Certification Logos

UiPath Certified Logo: Download and Usage

Written by RPA Certified Associate Developer Sal Pece

So, you’ve passed your UiPath Certification exam and now you’re interested in displaying your certification logo prominently on your resume or webpage. But despite searching Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo, you can’t figure out where on the UiPath site you go to download UiPath Certification logos. Don’t feel bad. You’re not alone in your fruitless search.

UiPath doesn’t put the UiPath Associate logo and the UiPath Developer logo on their site for anyone to just download and include on their resume. You have to earn the right to display the UiPath logo. So the RPA bohemoth doesn’t make the file publicly available.

If you want to use the UiPath Certification logo, you must first pass the exam. Then, log into your UiPath Certified Professional account at Certmetrics.com and navigate to the UiPath Logo tab and click on the small UiPath Certification logo. You’ll get a pop up window that looks something like this:

UiPath Logo Download
Wondering how to download the UiPath Certification logo? Log into your Certmetrics account and the UiPath Cert Logo download link is there.

UiPath Certification Logo Image (JPG, PNG, GIF)

The page provides a ‘Share this UiPath Certification Logo’ link in the lower left hand corner. The link will not only display the UiPath Certification Logo image, but also the details of your cert:

UiPath Associate Developer Logos
The Developer and Associate UiPath Certification Logos reflect your level of skills with RPA development tools like Studio and Orchestrator.

To embed the UiPath Certification Logo on a webpage, a link is provided that allows you to use the high resolution image

< img src="https://www.certmetrics.com/api/ob/image/uipath/c/1/1.png" >
UiPath Logo Download
Make sure you have passed the Associate or Developer exam before you download the UiPath Certification logo

In summary, the steps to download the Developer or Associate UiPath Certified Logo are:

  1. Pass the UiPath Associate or Developer cert exam
  2. Log into your Certmetrics account with the same credentials used to schedule your exam
  3. Move to the Badges tab
  4. Click on the UiPath Certification Logo
  5. Use the links provided to download the logo or share on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter

UiPath Certification Verification ID Code

I conduct RPA Developer jobs interviews for a large healthcare organization in the US. Beside the usual RPA and UiPath Fundamentals, SQL, and common developer skills questions, we explicitly require UiPath that you obtain your RPA Associate certification.

I recommend adding the UiPath certification logo to the top of your resume.

Remember that displaying the UiPath certification logo IS NOT enough. Please include the Verification Code from your digital certification certificate as well. Employers can quickly use the following site to validate your credentials.

UiPath Logo Download
A verification code validates that a UiPath Certification Logo is valid

RPA Certification Logo usage guidelines

Note that there are many restrictions on how to use the UiPath Certified logo.

  • You cannot change the color
  • You cannot change the dimensions
  • You cannot use it to suggest UiPath endorses your product
  • You cannot edit the logo to add your photo or company name

Violating these rules can result in your privledges to use the UiPath Certification logo or the UiPath Certified Logo being revoked.

Use the UiPath Certification logo respectfully and in lines with the usage guidelines and you shouldn’t run into any problems.

Oh, and one last piece of advice. If you are committed to getting a good paying job in the RPA industry, make sure you’re RPA certified. Employers won’t even look at your resume if you’re not.

UiPath Practice Tests Sal Pece is the CEO of Xennial Consulting in Toronto, Canada.

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