UiPath Certified Badge

UiPath Associate Certification Badge

If you pass the UiPath Certified Associate or UiPath Certified Developer exam, you will get a verification URL that points to a UiPath Certified Badge, along with details about the date UiPath Certified Exam was passed, and also a little description of what’s included on that UiPath exam you passed.

This link proves that you indeed did pass the exam. So you can give this link to employers to verify that you know what you’re doing when it comes to RPA and Uipath.

So, how do you get this badge? Well, you go over to certmetrics.com/uipath. If you could just go to certmetrics.com, I find you get a little lost. I can never find the login page there, and it looks like there’s a new redirect to another domain. So make sure UiPath is part of the URI.

Log in with the user ID and password you used to register for the exam. Once you log in, you’ll see links for certifications, transcripts and of course, your UiPath Certified badge.

UiPath Badge Download
You can get your UiPath Certified Badge and exam verification link from Certmetrics.

Looking at my RPA Certified profile, you can see that I’ve got one active Uipath credential, one UiPath Certified badge.

This page then includes links here to share your UiPath Certified badge, and links to help you share the UiPath Certified Badge on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

UiPath Badge Download
Display the UiPath Certified Badge with pride.

If you click that little link there and then copy the URL, you then have the UiPath Certified Validation link. Add that to your resume or webpage.

If you’ve passed the UiPath Certified exam, then let us congratulate you. Display your UiPath Certified Badge with pride.

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