Difference between UiPath Associate and Developer Exams

UiPath RPA Certifications Compared

Many people have been asking us about the difference between the UiPath Developer and Associate and certification exams, and which RPA certification they should persue.

We were going to put together an RPA Developer vs Associate comparison video of our own, but didn’t think we could do much better than Nisarg Kadam’s handling of the topic.

If you are trying to figure out how to choose between Associate and Developer UiPath Certifications, watch Nisarg’s video, take note of the Developer verus Associate comparison chart below, and figure out what type of RPA role you’d like to pursue. Put it all together, and which UiPath Certification to choose should become clear.

UiPath Associate or Developer Certification Comparison Chart

Criteria UiPath Associate RPA Certification Uipath Developer RPA Certification
Exam UiPath Associate Certification Exam UiPath Developer Certification Exam
Full Name UiPath Certified RPA Associate UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer
Abbreviation UiRPA UiART
Track General and Developer Developer
Current Version v1.0 v1.0
Exam Title UiPath-RPAv1 UiPath-ARDv1
Prerequisite None None. But Associate certification is recommended.
Time Duration 90 Minutes 120 Minutes
Passing Score 70% 70%
Exam Format Multiple Choice Multiple Choice
Certification Project No No
Certification Cost $150USD $200USD
Comparison Axis RPA Associate Certification RPA Developer Certification

UiPath Associate vs Developer RPA Roles

The target audience for the UiPath RPA Associate exam are the following:

  • Advanced UiPath Citizen Developers
  • Junion RPA developers
  • RPA Solution Developers
  • System Administrators
  • College students and University graduates
  • RPA Partners
  • UiPath Pre-sales, service and RPA product support

UiPath RPA Developer Cert Target Audience

The UiPath Developer Certification is intended to be taken by advanced RPA professionals in the following roles:

  • RPA Developers
  • UiPath Solution Architects
  • RPA Integration Experts
  • Software engineers transitioning to RPA
  • RPA & UiPath Engineers
  • Process Automation Architects
  • RPA and Data Mining Experts
UiPath Associate & Developer Exams Compared
When you pass the UiPath Developer or Associate exam, you can display your UiPath Certification Logo with pride.

UiPath Developer vs Associate Certification Prerequisites

Many developers looking to get RPA Certified wonder about the prerequisites.

The good news? There are none. You do not have to pass any prior exam, or take any required training, in order to register for either the UiPath Associate or UiPath Developer certifications. Experience with the tool, a good number of UiPath Acadamy courses are recommended, and lots of practice taking UiPath Exam Practice tests is needed. But other than going through a good UiPath Study Guide and getting lots of practice, there are no UiPath Exam Prerequisites.

UiPath Certification Project

Many RPA Certifications seekers also ask if they need to complete and submit a UiPath Project. In previous versions, a Uipath Certification Project was required, but it is not anymore. So you can rest easy on this front.

Are the Developer & Associate Exams Multiple Choice?

There are no hands on labs or written answers on the UiPath Developer or Associate exams. The exams are composed exclusively of multiple choice questions.

What is the UiPath Exam passing score?

This is one place where the UiPath Developer and Associate comparison comes up the same. Both RPA exams require a passing score of 70%. So you can get 3 out of every 10 test questions wrong and you’ll still get RPA Certified.

How long is the UiPath Associate & Developer Exams?

The time given to the UiPath Associate and Developer exams are different.

The UiPath Associate exam is 90 minutes long, while in comparison, the Developer exam is 120.

UiPath Associate vs Developer RPA Certifications
How to choose the right RPA Certification? Know the differences between the UiPath Developer and Associate exams.

Where to find out more?

To find out more about RPA certifications from UiPath, visit the official website.

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