UiPath UI Trademark Application

Apparently, UiPath has applied with the Trademark office to protect the rights to the term UI, along with a cute orange RPA robot with blue arms and a magnifying glass.

I really wonder if this will go through?

Image Aspect of UiPath UI Trademark
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This image of an RPA robot is part of the UiPath Trademark application for 'UI.' Notice the 'UI' text under the left eye? The use here is purely informative and is intended only as fair use, as it is pertinent to the article. We are in no way associated with UiPath. We just really like their stuff.
Details of UiPath Trademark for 'UI'
UiPath Associate & Developer Exams Compared
Details of the Uipath UI Trademark application.

Can UiPath Trademark UI?

From what I understand, you can’t trademark a generic term. The term UI is used globally in the software industry.

You can trademark a term for a specific sector where it may not be commonly used, but I’d think it’d be hard to trademark ‘UI’ even in the RPA field?

The UI Trademark Application

Apparently, this is the scoop on the application:

The UiPath UI trademark is an orange RPA robot cartoon with orange legs and blue arms. Each blue arm of the RPA robot holds a magnifying glass. The UiPath UI™ trademark registration is designed to include the range of categories that include downloadable computer programs and software that use artificial intelligence (AI) for robotic automation, processing, analysis, document automation, robotic process automations (RPA).

UiPath UI Trademark Details

Trademark Property Established Value
Website uipath.com
Serial Number 90645401
Mark Literal Elements UI
Mark Type UiPath Associate Certification Exam
Exam Trademark, Service Mark
Standard Character Claim No
Basis of Claim Section 1(a)
Primary US Classes 021: Electrical Apparatus, Machines and Supplies
Primary International Class (Electrical and scientific apparatus)
Attorney Name Adam E. Urbanczyk
U.S. Codes: 021,023,026,036,038
UiPath UI Trademark Application UI Trademark Details
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