UiPath JSON Parsing

Parse JSON in UiPath

I’ve made my API call and gutted Jason string out. I want to pass specific data so I can work with them. First, the object rates, then the key value pair Canadian and it’s rate. Makes sure you have the web activities packets installed, then go to activities and search for a DCLS Jason and drag it in.

Indian put you put in your Jason string and in the output, you press control K and say, Jason object, that’s the name we want to give it. Then in the right line, we can simply just print out the rates. If we say Jason object, parentheses quotation marks rates to string to get the specific key value pair Canadian dollar, we drag in another right line.

We say, Jason object, we apply some link to it. So. Dot select Selecto then parentheses, quotation marks again, rates, then dark and agent dollar like this it’s that easy then to stream. We can now run the robot. We can inspect the data here. We got rage, print it out. And finally, the Canadian rates