UiPath WebHooks

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How to create WebHooks in UiPath

Inside of the cloud. Are you a better, we’ll go to web hook. I would say create a new web hook here. I have to provide the URL for the web hook. I will say that I want to trigger all the joy, all the things from the jobs. And here I have to provide these few areas to be able to create this URL. I will go to powered, automate.

I will say he’s done closed flow. This will be started when an HTTP request will be received. So I will hit the here, create, and then I will put the steps. Let’s say, send notification. Yeah. Saying notification. Good. And, uh, here I can use the part of the way for the idea to hit save. And after I hit save, the system will, um, uh, will create that link for me.

So this is the link and this link, I will put it on the, uh, are you a pet orchestrator in industry? This, uh, two system are connected here. I have to provide him, uh, on a sample like this. Okay.