Prior UiPath Studio Releases

Old UiPath Studio Versions

So, how do you download an older version of UI path studio? That is a good question. And you cannot do it, if you’re just working with a basic UI path trial.

You have to:

  • Register for an Enterprise Edition trial
  • Have an Enterprise license.

So how do you do it? Well, you head over to You can see the Try UI Path Free button.

Now, if I do this. I am going to Register but this time I’ll continue with my Google account. Now, if I just do a normal Try UI Path, it’ll only give me access to the Community Edition. I want to actually register and get access to the Enterprise Edition, which allows me to download older versions of UI Path studio.

So let me type in my organization. I’m from Canada. Let’s see where that is in the list. Right down there and I’ll confirm all of the boxes and now I should go through the registration process. However, there should be a link in the sign up that says, you know, you could actually try to register for the Enterprise Edition. So right now, if I just go download UI Path studio, It’s going to say, that’s just going to download CE the Community Edition.

So, I’m going to head over to admin over here and let me take a look at my licenses. Ah, there’s a beautiful button right there, the Request Enterprise Trial. So I’m going to click on that button.

Fill out some of these fields in the request form and click on request. Oh, and I have to do Maybe that’ll get me past the business email address. So now I have a request for the Trial Edition and once you’ve got the Trial Edition, you can see the enterprise trial license.

Well, then you have the ability to download an older version of UI Path studio. Now, how do you do that?

So what you do is you head down into Help. That Help button down there and from Help, you’ll see Automation Cloud, and you’ll see the Download Enterprise link for downloading UI Path studio. But notice there is this Show other versions. You’re not going to get that with a Community Edition license.

You can click Show other versions. And there is 20.1 0.8 32 bit version and note that that is the version that they test on, on the UI Path Associate Exam, the current one. So, you can then click on the Download button there, save the file and then you can install it from here. But that’s the trick in order to download and install an older UI Path studio version, you have to register for an Enterprise License.

If you have a trial you’ve got 60 days. If you have a normal one, then you’ve obviously got a lot of money because they’re expensive. Then you go to that help button down there. Click on other versions. And you find the other version of UI Path studio to install after the download.

UiPath Studio Community vs Enterprise
Chart the difference between UiPath Studio Community vs Enterprise Editions.

Sample Questions

Sample Question #1

Question: What edition gives user the option download previous version:

  •   Community
  •   Enterprise
  •   Enterprise(Trial Version)
  •   Community(Free Version)


Options b and c are correct.

Both versions of Enterprise edition gives the user the option to download past versions.

Sample Question #2

Question: How many days does the trial version have before it needs to be updated into the paid version?

  •   30 days
  •   60 days
  •   90 days
  •   120 days


Option b is correct.

UI Path let’s you use the trial version for 60 days before it prompts you to upgrade to the paid version.

Sample Question #2

Question: What is the current version(May 2021) that’s being used for the UI Path Associate Exam?

  •   20.2 0.8 64 bit version
  •   20.3 0.8 32 bit version
  •   20.1 0.8 32 bit version
  •   20.4 0.8 64 bit version


Option c is correct.

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