UiPath Invalid Machine Key

Fix the Invalid Machine Key error

Hey, I’m Cameron Mackenzie at Cameron MCNC on Twitter. And I just wanted to quickly show you how to fix that annoying invalid machine key. So I’m going to show you a couple of reasons why you might get the invalid machine code error, and I’m going to connect here and you are going to see that I get the invalid machine key code.

Right? Okay. So the first reason is this machine code here. You may not have it typed it in or copy it correctly. Don’t type it, copy it. Um, if you put some non-standard characters in there or some white space, it’s going to be a problem. So whenever you see your machine. Right here machines. Make sure you copy that to the clipboard.

Go back to the UI path assistant and make sure that the correct name is pasted in there. Now the other problem is, uh, just configuring the machine. So when you configure a machine and let me just edit here, you notice the name of this machine is desktop, but the name and UI path orchestrator is think station.

That’s the, actually the name of the computer that I’m trying to link to here. And if you go into the dos prompt and you type in hosts, You’ll see that my host name is think station. And so if the host name is think station, you want to make sure that you’ve created the computer named think station as well.

UiPath Orchestrator Machine Key

So I’m going to delete this, just put that into the garbage can, and I’m going to create a brand new machine right now. I’m just going to use the template, but this time I’m going to call it think station. I don’t want to be the think station, computer, and put in an attended license there. And the testing run time.

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