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UiPath Associate exam objectives are listed below.

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RPA Fundamentals Exam Objective

1. RPA Robotic Process Automation Fundamentals

  1. Identify sample use cases that describes the processes and workloads that can be automated
  2. Identify and describe the different types of robots, i.e., attended versus unattended robots
  3. Explain the functionality of the various UiPath products, i.e., Studio, Robots, and Orchestrator
  4. Differentiate between the UiPath Studio Community Edition versus the Enterprise Edition
Code: rpa
UiPath Studio Objective

2. UiPath Studio Overview

  1. Understand and explain the automation debug functions and usage such as breakpoints
  2. Identify and describe how to use Manage Packages
  3. Explain the significance of connecting an automation project to the version control solution
Code: debug
UiPath Programming Basics

3. UiPath Studio Basics – Variables and Arguments

  1. Identify the different variable types available in the UiPath Studio Variables panel
  2. Explain how variables are used, managed, and the best practice for using the variable scope in the UiPath Studio Variables panel
  3. Describe the difference between using variables versus using arguments
  4. Explain how arguments are used, managed, and the best practice for using the argument direction in the UiPath Studio Arguments panel
Code: var
Static and Dynamic Selectors

4. UiPath Studio and Selectors

  1. Identify, describe, and demonstrate how dynamic versus static selectors are used
  2. Identify and describe how partial versus full selectors are used
  3. Identify and describe how and when to use Anchors
  4. Demonstrate the use of UI Explorer to modify selectors
  5. Demonstrate the use a reliable selector
Code: sell
Iterative and Conditional Logic

5. UiPath Studio Programming Concepts – Flow Control

  1. Explain how to use control flow activities, workflow types such as sequences and flowcharts, and their functions
  2. Identify and describe the various control flow activities such as If, Switch, Break, Parallel, While, etc.
  3. Explain the importance of error handling and how it can be implemented
Code: flow
Strings, Structured Data and DataTables

6. Advanced UiPath Studio – Data Manipulation

  1. Describe the importance and reasons why data manipulation is used
  2. Explain how string manipulations, collections, and datatables are used for data manipulation
Code: data
Robotic Process Automation Fundamentals

7. UiPath Robotic Automation Concepts, Applications and Techniques

  1. Identify and explain how to automate e-mail and how email automation is helpful
  2. Identify and describe Microsoft Excel and DataTable functions, and how Excel activities are used for data manipulation
  3. Describe the functions used to extract data from a .pdf file; for example, using OCR
Code: act
UiPath Orchestrator

8. An overview of UiPath Orchestrator

  1. Describe how to provision attended and unattended robots to UiPath Orchestrator
  2. Identify and describe how to use UiPath Orchestrator queues and assets
  3. Identify and explain how packages are published to UiPath Orchestrator in the cloud
Code: orc
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