UiPath Test Questions
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Here you'll find a variety of UiPath questions and answers to test you on the Associate Exam Objectives.

Pick a mock exam and see how ready you are to take the UiPath Certification.

Some of the answers will surprise you!

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Variable Naming Terminology Exam
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This is just a quick five questions. Probably below the difficulty of the UiPath Associate exam.

But it does set the groundwork for making sure you understand concepts like camel case, kebab case and snake case.

Studio Terminology Test

UiPath Naming Conventions
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You are bound to get one or two questions on the exam about how to name an method vs a variable vs an I/O property. Easy marks if you know the rules.

A difficult choice to make if you have to guess.

Naming Conventions Exam

Workflows, Sequences and Projects
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When should you use a sequence project and when should you pull out a flow chart?

This set of UiPath certification questions and answers tests you on many of the small but significant differences between sequence vs workflow projects in Studio.

Worflow vs Sequence Questions

Unattened vs Attended Exam
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You will get lots of Associate Exam questions on the difference between attended and unattended UiPath robots.

There are a few key differences with regards to security and complexity that you might not be familiar with.

Make sure you are solid on this exam objective before you sit the UiPath Associate Exam.

Attended vs Unattened

Community vs Enterprise Studio
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There are always one or two questions on UiPath Studio Community Edition.

These are easy marks lost, as many developers only work in the Enterprise Edition.

It's a small topic, but a mark lost here can be the difference between a pass or fail on the UiPath exam.

Community vs Enterprise Test

UiPath, Git, DVCS and Debugging
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How well do you know how to debug UiPath Studio?

What about version control? UiPath, Git and GitHub? TFS, SVN and the Azure DevOps Server.

These 11 UiPath test questions and answers will evaluate you on Studio debugging, version control and the manage packages sections of the UiPath Associate Exam Certification.

UiPath Debugging Quiz

UiPath Mock Exams
UiPath GitHub

UiPath Exam Questions and Answer

Study is important, but so is practice. Use these UiPath Practice Tests to prepare yourself for the tough UiPath questions and answers you'll face on the Associate exam. Once you know the answers to these UiPath exam questions, you'll be ready to register, write and pass the Associate and Developer exams.