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If you've got a UiPath certification question, tag me and cameronmcnz in a public tweet.

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UiPath and YouTube
uipath certification youtube

Subscribe to Cameron McKenzie's UiPath YouTube channel for comprehensive UiPath Exam tutorials.

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Add me to your list of contacts on LinkedIn. Maybe we'll work together on a UiPath Project one day?


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You absolutely need a StackOverflow account. Sign up and ask lots of questions.


UiPath Certification Forum
uipath certification forum

You'll also want to sign up as a member to the UiPath Certification Forum.

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UiPath and GitHub
UiPath GitHub

All of the code for the YouTube UiPath Tutorials can be cloneed off GitHub.

UiPath GitHub

UiPath on Social Media
UiPath GitHub

UiPath on YouTube and Social Media

A great way to learn RPA and pass the UiPath Associate Certification Exam it to collaborate with others. See you on YouTube!